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 (fo͝ol′gyə-rāt′, -gə-, fŭl′-)
v. ful·gu·rat·ed, ful·gu·rat·ing, ful·gu·rates
To emit flashes of lightning.
1. To emit (light) in flashes.
2. Medicine To destroy (abnormal tissue, for example) by electric current.

[Latin fulgurāre, fulgurāt-, from fulgur, lightning; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

ful′gu·ra′tion n.
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(Surgery) surgery destruction of tissue by means of high-frequency (more than 10 000 per second) electric sparks
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n. fulgaración, uso de corriente eléctrica para destruir tejido vivo.
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My eyes ranged far over a large space lit by a violent fulguration. In fact, the mountain was a volcano.
of Cases Cystoscopic Fulguration (CF) 27 CF + Vesicostomy Closure 6 Vesicostomy 12 Table 10.
* The codes that may most closely approximate the physician work include 58520 (Hysterorrhaphy, repair of ruptured uterus [nonobstetrical] 24.25 RVUs or 58662 (Laparoscopy; surgical; with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera, or peritoneal surface by any method) with 20.14 RVUs.
Prior to presentation at our hospital, he had undergone multiple cystoscopic clot evacuations, fulguration, and failed therapy with systemic and intravesical Amicar.
In this category, 6 of the 18 patients (33%) had a history of bacille Calmette-Guerin therapy, 1 (6%) had history of treatment with mitomycin, and 1 (6%) had history of laser fulguration for bladder cancer.
Patients will return for cystoscopic examination of their bladder 90 days following the fulguration of these areas to assess for any cancer recurrence.
Electrodessication, fulguration, coagulation and cutting current involve a potentially significant transfer of electrical activity to patients with pacemakers,67,68 especially ventricular inhibited and ventricular triggered pacemaker,69 leading to Brady- and tachyarrythmias respectively.69
For bladder lesions electrocautery or laser fulguration, transurethral resection and partial or total cystectomy have all been employed based on the size and number of lesions.
These procedures include arthroscopy, biopsy of the liver, biopsy of the prostate, cataract removal, central venous catheterization, colonoscopy, debridement of skin and other tissues, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic occlusion and fulguration of oviducts, spinal injection for myelography and/or computed tomography, and repair of inguinal hernia.
-- Monsel's paste produced less pain and worked faster than fulguration by a ball electrode in a randomized clinical trial comparing the two methods for achieving hemostasis after the loop electrosurgical excision procedure; the statistical advantages were not clinically significant, however.
(20) Two other unestablished treatment modalities are cryotherapy and laser fulguration; the results of both are variable and very unpredictable.
Fulguration is a process in which a cystoscope is inserted through the urethra and Hunner's ulcers are burned off with electricity or a laser.