full cousin

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(ˈkʌz ən)

1. the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt.
2. one related by descent in a diverging line from a known common ancestor.
3. a kinsman or kinswoman; relative.
4. a person or thing related to another by similar natures, languages, geographical proximity, etc.
5. a term of address used by a sovereign for another sovereign or a high-ranking noble.
[1250–1300; Middle English cosin < Anglo-French co(u)sin, Old French cosin < Latin consōbrīnus cousin (properly, son of one's mother's sister) =con- con- + sōbrīnus second cousin (presumably orig. “pertaining to the sister”) <*swesrīnos=*swesr-, gradational variant of *swesōr (>soror sister) + *-īnos -ine1]
cous′in•ly, adj.
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Noun1.full cousin - the child of your aunt or uncle
relative, relation - a person related by blood or marriage; "police are searching for relatives of the deceased"; "he has distant relations back in New Jersey"
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George, who was the full cousin of the Tsar's wife Alexandra, saw it as a summer-only residence and did not deem it suitable for the Russian royals, who had holidayed at the estate in 1896.
"She has something remarkable about her." After completing her first shoot, Samantha, whose dad Gary is Kirsty's full cousin, admits she has not been put off .
I am a full cousin and have been doing research into the Watson family.