full duplex

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(Computers) arranged so that the information may be transmitted in both directions simultaneously; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with half duplex(a).
arranged so that the information transmitted to the remote computer does not appear on the local terminal; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with half duplex(b).

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The D2Flex 3000 features dedicated ASI input and output ports for full duplex Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) conversion of up to 4 independent streams.
The Quicklink Remote Communicator streams and returns video and audio in real time, full duplex with ultra-low delay.
The implementation of the full duplex is a self interference (SI) which is explained by the part of transmitted signal which is revealed in the receiver chain.
Kang, "Cooperative spectrum sensing in non-time-slotted full duplex cognitive radio networks," in Proceedings of the 13th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, CCNC 2016, pp.
It also features Full Duplex HD-Video with Audio, which allows bi-directional communication, uni-directional (one way) communication, mutli-node communication, or broadcast communication.
By leveraging the combination of DOCSIS 3.1 technology, passive HFC network characteristics, self-interference cancellation technology and intelligent scheduling, CableLabs -- along with the collaboration of its members and other industry partners -- developed this solution enabling full duplex communications over the existing HFC network.
Features of the new products include compatibility with all notebook PCs that comply with the PC Card standard, intelligent auto install, hot swapping, lifetime limited warranty, network drivers, smart battery saver, flash DSP and ROM, status lights and full duplex operation.
The codec mode makes it possible to create real-time full duplex audio for voice applications like internet phones and two-way audio radio links.
SAS incorporates some high-end features from fiber channel such as native dual-port hard drives, multi-initiator support and full duplex communication; and the physical interface leveraged from SATA for better compatibility and investment protection; and combines them with the reliability and ease of use of traditional SCSI technology.

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