full duplex

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(Computers) arranged so that the information may be transmitted in both directions simultaneously; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with half duplex(a).
arranged so that the information transmitted to the remote computer does not appear on the local terminal; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with half duplex(b).

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Vixel's 2Gb/s 9000 Series switches offer the highest data-throughput rates with full duplex speeds of up to 400 MB/s at each port.
Using the full duplex capability of FCAL, the host could, at the same time, send commands (blue arrow) to drive 2 to be queued for future operation.
For new users, the suggested retail price for the full duplex Internet Phone is $99.
But, in full duplex installations where collisions are not a consideration, longer distances of up to 2,000 meters are possible.
True full duplex communication is achieved through proprietary echo cancellation, noise suppression and equalization.
AirPair 200 Enables Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Transport at Full Duplex Rates of 200 Mbps
5 release, the platform now also supports Full Duplex Gigabit analysis via in-line or port mirror with WildPackets high performance Gigabit Analyzer Card.
The new AMBIN algorithm is a breakthrough technology enabling full duplex speakerphone functionality on a credit card sized handheld device.
By eliminating the enable functions, full duplex functionality is realized in a small 8-lead package.