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Noun1.full treatment - everything available; usually preceded by `the'; "we saw the whole shebang"; "a hotdog with the works"; "we took on the whole caboodle"; "for $10 you get the full treatment"
entireness, entirety, integrality, totality - the state of being total and complete; "he read the article in its entirety"; "appalled by the totality of the destruction"
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A patient needs a dose every day for two weeks to complete the full treatment course.
Around 7 lac patients received full treatment at Liaquat University hospital( civil hospital) Hyderabad during last 5 months.
How sickening to see this obnoxious man given the full treatment.
'However, a person who is diagnosed with TB need to be isolated and need to receive full treatment, failing to do so can be taken action by the authorities,' the Perak lawmaker added.
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi welcomed the development, and expressed the hope that after full treatment of Sheikh Zakzaki and his wife inside or outside Nigeria, the trend of constructive interaction and talks between the Islamic Movement and the Nigerian government would lead to the resolution of problems and full freedom of the Shiite leader.
Those who get little funding are unlikely to get the full treatment, she said.
It has become usual for infants to die in this hospital, which is a matter of great concern.The government needs to take hectic measures to provide full treatment to the sick children of Thar region in view of its claim of keeping health sector on top most priority basis besides providing sufficient food and other relief items in view of drought in Thar region.
He added, the hospital administrated 11,622 various operation while 23418 patients were admitted in BMC Hospital in 2018 and provide full treatment and care, "In Gyni Department more than 622 operation were reported while the hospital provide services of 2176 MRIs and 2219 City Scan.
Geraerts presents the first full treatment of the Catholic nobility in the Dutch Republic.
According to the company, RayCare 2B introduces new features and usability improvements throughout the system, including a feature to support a full treatment delivery and management workflow and task-based offline image review.
Up for grabs are various Fifa awards, including for the best coach, the best goalkeeper and the Puskas award for the best goal and Sky are giving this the full treatment on four channels.