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You must know, he tells me, that he finds London is a much more healthy place than the country, for he sees several of his old acquaintance and school- fellows are here, young fellows with fair, full-bottomed periwigs.
He wore an old full-bottomed wig, the gift of some dandy old Brown whom he had valeted in the middle of last century, which habiliment Master Tom looked upon with considerable respect, not to say fear; and indeed his whole feeling towards Noah was strongly tainted with awe.
No full-bottomed wig, no red petticoats, no fur, no javelin-men, no white wands.
Gone were the old ceremonial robes and full-bottomed wigs which in the past were worn by the former Law Lords at such occasions, although they dressed in everyday wear when presiding at hearings.
As Mr Hughes gazed up helplessly from his pillow, a very sinister figure swum into view-a figure in ermine robes and a judge's full-bottomed horse hairwig, and what's more, a blackmask covered his entire face.
A long, wavy, full-bottomed wig, a style popularized by Louis XV, is the most striking, but the style has fallen out of favor for good reason, apparently.
Once the alpha male of the Western world, Louis XIV shrouded himself in resplendent satin coats with gold embroidery and lace sleeves, silk stockings and full-bottomed wigs--which Mansel suggests showcased the Sun King's divinely-ordained right to rule France.
She is discovered sitting well back in her chair, wearing a full-bottomed wig, its stiff curls a mass of red and brown blood.
Launched this week, it's not quite as good as the G-string but if you want a full-bottomed comfy brief this is the best.
The costume traditionally worn by the Lord Chancellor to yesterday's events also features a full-bottomed legal wig, 18th century breeches, tights and buckled shoes.
But she was shocked by Mr Blair's remarks in the House of Commons when he derided the wearing of ceremonial dress - such as 'the full-bottomed wig, 18th Century breeches and women's tights' worn by the Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine.
The French favoured full-bottomed wigs and the Prussians the smaller "Muffer" with an attached pigtail.