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or full frontal  (fo͝ol′frŭn′tl)
1. Completely exposing the front of the body: full-frontal nudity.
2. Of or relating to a direct and open effort, as against an entrenched opponent: a full-frontal assault on the enemy.
3. Completely open and honest; candid: full-frontal candor.


1. informal (of a nude person or a photograph of a nude person) exposing the genitals to full view
2. all-out; unrestrained
a full-frontal photograph


showing the entire front: full-frontal nudity.


A. ADJ (= unrestrained) → desenfrenado
B. CPD full-frontal nude Ndesnudo m visto de frente
full-frontal nudity Ndesnudo m integral
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Julian Assange has been ordered to face a full extradition hearing next year, as his legal team branded charges in the US "an outrageous and full-frontal assault" on journalistic rights.
None of it is as graphic as the lurid premise suggests, but for what it lacks in nudity it makes up for in full-frontal pointlessness.
Sure the naked element might work as a TV show gimmick, but as the guests faced their demons, in full-frontal glory, the experiment worked.
Pine is an A-list actor who's never done full-frontal nudity before, which may have piqued the curiosity of fans and spectators.
The following day, the couple bent their own rules again by engaging in a full-frontal hug after Jessa accepted Ben's proposal.
Getting your tan on full-frontal allows you to see any bits you've missed.
LEADING Welsh actor Michael Sheen has called for the Freedom of Information Act to be protected, warning it is under "full-frontal attack" by the government.
"I am glad you inherited one of my major attributes" - Message sent by the father of Ewan McGregor after seeing a film in which his son was involved in a scene of full-frontal nudity.
Magaluf holiday rep Liam Fraser, 18, climbed on the shoulders of two pals and exposed everything in a cheeky, full-frontal photo.
'The Wolf Of Wall Street' star, who caused a cinematic stir by opting to shoot a full-frontal scene in Scorsese's latest film, told New Zealand radio station The Edge that she'd simply "put her family through enough" to accept the 87-year-old's sleaze-laced offer.
Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian gray, is going full-frontal and he isn't fazed by it AT ALL.