Related to full-service: Full Service Broker


Associated with or offering complete service: full-service gasoline pumps; full-service banks.


offering a wide range of services related to the basic line of business: a full-service filling station.
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Full-service restaurant value sales increase by 3% in 2015, with European full-service restaurants leading growth (5%), followed by Asian full-service restaurants (4%), other full-service restaurants (2%), North American full-service restaurants (1%) and pizza full-service restaurants (1%).
USPRwire, Wed Oct 07 2015] Increasing infrastructure facilities across India, such as increasing state and national highways, which can result in more people travelling, supported the growth of full-service restaurants.
com) Services: Full-service marketing services agency specializing in strategic planning and branding via a comprehensive strategic planning process
This monograph examined the concept of full-service schools and considers how students with disabilities may interface with them and ultimately benefit.
As different as their approaches are, the paths Thomas and Proctor took lie like a fork in the road that each new investor eventually comes to: do you call your own shots and trade through a discount firm, or is it better to rely upon a full-service broker to handle everything from which stocks and funds you collect to when you buy and sell investments?
Most investor interest has taken place in the full-service and economy/limited-service segment, but the outlook for luxury hotels also appears bright.
Generally speaking, the average transaction value of a meal in a full-service restaurant is fairly high in comparison with other consumer foodservice channels.
ClickPress, Tue Dec 30 2014] Full-service restaurants became more competitive due to the stronger growth in other categories, especially cafes/bars in 2013.
Services: Full-service marketing oommunications, including Web development and training, specializing in mid-size and smaller agricultural clients