fuller's earth

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full·er's earth

A highly adsorbent claylike substance consisting of hydrated aluminum silicates, used predominantly in fulling woolen cloth, in talcum powders, as a filter, and as a catalyst.

fuller's earth

(Geological Science) a natural absorbent clay used, after heating, for decolorizing oils and fats, fulling cloth, etc

ful′ler's earth′

an absorbent clay, used esp. for removing grease from fabrics, in fulling cloth, as a filter, and as a dusting powder.
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Noun1.fuller's earth - an absorbent soil resembling clay; used in fulling (shrinking and thickening) woolen cloth and as an adsorbent
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock

fuller's earth

[ˌfʊləzˈɜːθ] Ntierra f de batán
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An area of about half a mile square presents a level surface of white clay or fuller's earth, perfectly spotless, resembling a great slab of Parian marble, or a sheet of dazzling snow.
Authorities have in the past covered the iconic monument's facade with "mud packs" made of Fuller's earth, which draws out the impurities, to restore its whiteness.
Called fuller's earth, it's the same clay that some people smother on their skin as a beauty treatment.
They have been using fuller's earth, a natural mud paste to remove yellow discolouration and return the marble to its original brilliant white.
Exfoliating Face Wash AUROMERE Take the time to gently exfoliate your skin with this powder formula that contains 13 Ayurvedic herbs in a base of red clay and fuller's earth.
Instead, 27-year-old Edward Lowe gave her some Fuller's earth, a highly absorbent granulated clay that he had once attempted (unsuccessfully) to market as poultry nesting.
Furthermore, Fuller's earth has skin-stimulating properties and removes dead skin cells.
Easy availability low price and their effectiveness are the major factors which made fuller's earth an adsorbent in cooking oil manufacturing industry.
In the fulling process, cloth was soaked in water and an agent such as fuller's earth.
Waste frying oil was purified by screening and treatment with fuller's earth and activated carbon.
Make-up artist Maggie Thomas was always on hand with a bucket of artificial cow muck, actually made of Fuller's Earth and water.
I had to fill spare capacity on aircraft with Fuller's Earth Cream.