fullers earth

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ful′ler's earth′

an absorbent clay, used esp. for removing grease from fabrics, in fulling cloth, as a filter, and as a dusting powder.
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The market on the source of Type of Product could span Activated Bauxite, Fullers Earth, Activated Clays.
Tenders are invited for supply of fullers earth type clay
* For exfoliating oily skin, one can apply a mixture of sandalwood powder, orange peel, and fullers earth. Mix this and keep in a jar.
It can be mixed with Fullers Earth (multani mitti) and rose water into a paste.
Summary: The synthesis of silver nanoparticles of three different biogenic materials Multani mitti (Fullers earth), Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) seeds, Rice Husk (Oryza sativa) was carried out.
Acid can be removed by Fullers Earth or Activated Alumina cartridges to neutralize acids, lowering the TAN (Total Acid Number) and helping to improve oil color.