fully fledged

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fully fledged



1. (Zoology) (of a young bird) having acquired its adult feathers and thus able to fly
2. developed or matured to the fullest degree
3. of full rank or status
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Adj.1.fully fledged - (of a bird) having reached full development with fully grown adult plumage; ready to fly
fledged, mature - (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
2.fully fledged - (of persons, e.g.) having gained full status; "a full-fledged lawyer"; "by the age of seventeen I was a full-fledged atheist"; "sees itself as a fully fledged rival party"
experienced, experient - having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
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Summary: The latest gun massacre in El Paso, Texas, has been classified as a hate crime when in reality it is a fully fledged act of naked and brutal...
GAC Qatar General Manager Daniel Nordberg stated that the decision to set up a fully fledged office there was in direct response to growing activity and demand for services at the port.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 11, 2019--Bahrain Islamic Bank unveils fully fledged digital branch in Bahrain
Global Banking News-March 11, 2019--Bahrain Islamic Bank unveils fully fledged digital branch in Bahrain
In line with its simplification through digitization drive, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) proudly announces the official launch of its first fully fledged digital branch, located in Galleria Mall, Zinj.
Abiru premised this resolve on the continued implementation of the July 2016 regulatory intervention to include entrenching sound corporate governance and risk management practices and transforming Polaris into fully fledged retail and commercial bank with strong digital backing.
He demanded appointment of a fully fledged irrigation minister in Sindh so that growers could take up their problems with him.
"Many have come through the programme and gone on to pursue their writing as fully fledged artists in their own right, gaining national and international airplay, signing to indie labels, touring across the UK and Europe, and playing some of the biggest festivals and venues in the country."
Peshawar -- Despite the continuous fully fledged anti polio campaign for the last five months country could not achieve the target of a polio free Pakistan in 2018.
Government has rejected the proposal to upgrade sub-districts to fully fledged districts based on the recommendation of the commission that the size of the district alone had no direct impact on service delivery.
NORTH Korea has declared itself a "fully fledged nuclear power" and accused Donald Trump of "trying to drive the world into a horrible disaster".
A fully fledged review can only take place once the law on foreclosures comes into force.

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