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v. fum·bled, fum·bling, fum·bles
1. To touch or handle nervously or idly: fumble with a necktie.
2. To grope awkwardly to find or to accomplish something: fumble for a key.
3. To proceed awkwardly and uncertainly; blunder: fumble through a speech.
a. Football To drop a ball that is in play.
b. Baseball To mishandle a ground ball.
1. To touch or handle clumsily or idly: "fumbled the skeleton key into the lock and turned it" (Bentley Dadmun).
2. To make a mess of; bungle. See Synonyms at botch.
3. To feel or make (one's way) awkwardly.
a. Football To drop (a ball) while in play.
b. Baseball To mishandle (a ground ball).
1. The act or an instance of fumbling.
2. Sports A ball that has been fumbled.

[Middle English fomelen, to grope.]

fum′bler n.
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Noun1.fumbler - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetencefumbler - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
incompetent, incompetent person - someone who is not competent to take effective action
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nStümper(in) m(f)
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It might be consequential to the fumbler - the team might replace that particular player - but it doesn't hurt the GOP team.
This time, the desi boy is the hero, a flawed fumbler. The NRI dude who arrives in India is perfection personified.
''She wants to show them she is not the fumbler that she was in 2010,'' he said.
fumbler, his David a subtle beast of the field, and the Good Word as
Thus he decides upon action, and despite feeling like "just a fumbler with a little training trying to outguess the greatest mind of the age" (77), he does not back out but works gradually toward a final insight.
"I was a bit of a fumbler. I didn't have girlfriends until I was a senior in high school.
Although he has the attributes of the stereotypical nerdy fumbler, "American society is now identifying with him." He adds: "Non-Jews as well as Jews are feeling unsettled in the 21st century." They realize they are not all-powerful, like Rambo, but anxious and insecure like Greg, whose warmth, decency and caring attract Pam.
As Greenspan the Maestro begins more and more to look like Greenspan the Fumbler, rules look more attractive, and the Taylor Rule seems better than most.
Was there some doubt whether master fumbler Paul Robinson would be able to get his on?
Despite his black garb and extensive body art, Bakker comes off on TV and in his sermons (audio available at revolutionnyc.com) as a humble, self-deprecating guy--even a bit of a fumbler but smart and serious beneath the surface.