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1. Vapor, gas, or smoke, especially if irritating, harmful, or strong.
2. A strong or acrid odor.
3. A state of resentment or vexation.
v. fumed, fum·ing, fumes
1. To subject to or treat with fumes.
2. To give off in or as if in fumes.
1. To emit fumes.
2. To rise in fumes.
3. To feel or show resentment or vexation.

[Middle English, from Old French fum, from Latin fūmus.]


(Forestry) (of wood, esp oak) having a dark colour and distinctive grain from exposure to ammonia fumes



darkened or colored by exposure to ammonia fumes, as oak and other wood.
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Adj.1.fumed - (of wood) darkened or colored by exposure to ammonia fumes; "fumed oak"
treated - subjected to a physical (or chemical) treatment or action or agent; "the sludge of treated sewage can be used as fertilizer"; "treated timbers resist rot"; "treated fabrics resist wrinkling"
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He fumed about the room, his anger gradually rising to the furious pitch.
In his stateroom with Paulvitch he fumed and swore, threatening the most terrible of revenges.
Clarus 3160 fumed silica enhances Cabot's product portfolio by satisfying the performance requirements of high-end transparent LSR applications such as consumer products, medical and lighting.
Specialist chemicals company Cabot Corp (NYSE:CBT) declared on Wednesday the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of its USD43m world-class fumed silica manufacturing facility in Jiangxi Province, China.
At a minimum, the body should be glue fumed at the scene to preserve the prints and help prevent contamination or obliteration of prints when the body is moved.
The fumed silica (pyrogenic silica) process, so called Aerosil process, was first patented at Degussa by Harry Kloepfer in 1942 (ref.
provides Fumed Silica market situation overview and supplies a list of Fumed Silica manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
Synthetic fumed silica has been used in silicone rubber compounds to improve a variety of properties since at least 1951.
This product is a bright white, free flowing powder that can replace up to 50% fumed silica in silicone elastomers.
The improved reinforcement reduces total compound costs by replacing 50% to 60% of fumed silica used in silicone rubber formulations, according to the company.