functional disease

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functional disease

(Pathology) a disease in which there is no observable change in the structure of an organ or part. Compare organic disease

func·tion·al dis·ease

n. enfermedad funcional, desorden o trastorno que no tiene una causa orgánica conocida.
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Post-infection and small bowel bacterial overgrowth-associated IBS are other subsets of patients that suggest possible organic nature of this syndrome hitherto thought to be a functional disease.
Its menu of programs include Functional Disease Surveillance System, Health Emergency Management, Nurse Deployment Program, Rural Health Midwife Placement Program, Health Facilities Enhancement program or improvement/upgrading of health facilities.
Even patients who are found to have minor erosions, a hiatal hernia or gastritis at endoscopy often have functional disease, as these endoscopic findings are also common in the asymptomatic population.

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