functional disease

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functional disease

(Pathology) a disease in which there is no observable change in the structure of an organ or part. Compare organic disease

func·tion·al dis·ease

n. enfermedad funcional, desorden o trastorno que no tiene una causa orgánica conocida.
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The association signals of the "tag SNPs" are reflected by a few functional disease susceptible variants that show linkage disequilibrium (LD) with the tag SNPs (sometimes the tag SNP itself is also identified as a functional disease susceptible variant), but which have not been directly genotyped.
6-8) As it is a functional disease treatment often is challenging, because there is a need to balance medical management strategies with due importance to psychological factors of the patient.
Its menu of programs include Functional Disease Surveillance System, Health Emergency Management, Nurse Deployment Program, Rural Health Midwife Placement Program, Health Facilities Enhancement program or improvement/upgrading of health facilities.

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