functional disorder

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Noun1.functional disorder - disorder showing symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause can be identified
disorder, upset - a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"
organic disorder - disorder caused by a detectable physiological or structural change in an organ
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Motegrity is also contraindicated in patients with intestinal perforation or obstruction due to structural or functional disorder of the gut wall, obstructive ileus, severe inflammatory conditions of the intestinal tract such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and toxic megacolon/megarectum.
IBS is a debilitating functional disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Quite often, according to the Mayo Clinic, it's not clear what causes FD, and it is considered a functional disorder by the medical community.
As such, it was not that the provisional diagnosis of a functional disorder was incorrect but that it produced an assumption that there were or could not be other factors at play.
Besides, many efforts have been made to determine genetic factors involved in the pathogenesis of the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a common GI functional disorder characterized by altered bowel habits.
From our case it depicts that a true movement disorder is often difficult to distinguish from functional disorder. So evaluation and management of patient's external and internal stress will be of immense help before conducting any invasive treatment.
IBS is referred to as a functional disorder, meaning that there is nothing wrong with the actual structure of the bowel.
There isn't one single cause of IBS - it is what's known as a functional disorder so an X-ray of the gut would show no obvious problem.
In our study, the functional causes were only compared with the study carried out by Batra et al., [5] who found them in 51% cases as a functional disorder that included vocal nodule, polyp, and granulomas, as these lesions have been shown to be secondary to vocal abuse.
The signs of functional disorders depend on various combination of physiologic parameters: increasing the motor function, increasing the visceral sensitivities, changes in immunity function and mucositis (including changes in microbial field) and changes in modifying the nervous system of the brain (such as mental, social and environmental effects and its profiles) for example fecal incontinence may be first a motor functional disorder while the functional abdominal pain syndrome is a result of increases in reception of the normal receive visceral center.(21)
1 FALSE Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder, meaning symptoms are caused by changes in how the gut is behaving rather than any specific disease of the bowel.
The most important result of the present study is that significant increases in the CSA of the MF of L4 and L5 and improvement in the functional disorder indexes were observed following stabilization exercises using balls for eight weeks, when compared to general stabilization exercises.

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