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Conventional sociolinguistics draws on the same ideological vision of the world as structural linguistics and societal functionalism, says Tirvassen, in that its basic unit of analysis is the system: language, language varieties, and even the speech community conceived as systems.
The historical town hall in Bratislavas Prievoz from the Functionalism period will be restoredOver the last few years Bratislava has lost many historical buildings.
For half a century functionalism has been a prominent, and for much of that period the dominant, position on the mind-body problem among philosophers, not to mention cognitive scientists.
Physicalism Requires Functionalism: A New Formulation and Defense of the Via Negativa, JUSTIN TIEHEN
As pioneered by Haas in his book The Uniting of Europe in 1958, neo-functionalism is an extended version of functionalism. It attempted to resolve some of the inbuilt flaws of the concept of regional integration propagated by functionalism.
In a letter from 1987, no less a towering figure of twentieth-century design than Aldo Rossi credited his compatriot Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007) with "the destruction of established architecture." The establishment that Rossi was referring to was modernism, or what Sottsass himself once described as the Bauhaus legacy of "functionalism, functionalism, functionalism," that still lingered decades into the postwar era.
TURIN, ITALY * Pope Francis has again publicly indicated he is not considering appointing women to leadership positions in the nearly all-male Vatican bureaucracy, saying to do so would be to promote a "functionalism" of women's roles in the Catholic church.
How to cite: Horowitz, Amir (2015), "Functionalism, The Computer Model of the Mind, and Causal Connections," Analysis and Metaphysics 14: 59-67.
The seven essays here highlight the nature of functionalism as an important force within linguistics, and discuss aspects ranging from a historical overview to explanatory and methodological issues.
Musical Functionalism: The Musical Thoughts of Arnold Schoenberg and Paul Hindemith.
Functionalism meets craft and technology, a next-generation audio device that beats at the heart of your musical ecosystem, providing whatever soundtrack you need.
Beauty isn't always functional so you have to make decisions--beauty versus functionalism."

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