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1. The quality of being functional.
2. A useful function within a computer application or program.
3. The capacity of a computer program or application to provide a useful function.


n, pl -ities
1. the quality of being functional
2. (Computer Science) computing a function or range of functions in a computer, program, package, etc


(ˌfʌŋk ʃəˈnæl ɪ ti)
the state or quality of being functional; usefulness.
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Noun1.functionality - capable of serving a purpose well; "software with greater functionality"
practicality - concerned with actual use rather than theoretical possibilities


[ˌfʌŋkʃəˈnælɪti] n [computer] → fonctionnalité ffunction key ntouche f de fonctionfunction room nsalle f de réception
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BASF Coatings GmbH has been granted a parent for a curable coating composition comprised of (a) a compound having functionality that reacts in curing the coating consisting of functionality A and functionality B, (b) a second material having functionality that reacts with functionality A in curing the coating consisting of functionality C and (c) a crosslinker having functionality consisting of a plurality of functional groups D that react at least with functionality B in curing the coating, wherein compound (a) has silyl ether functionality and a functionality selected from the group consisting of iso-cyanate functionality and hydroxy 1 functionality and wherein the compound, the second material and the crosslinker are each different.
Purpose-built hardware is already playing an increasingly important role in enabling a variety of next-generation storage services, by accelerating software operations and enabling greater software functionality.
The demand for ECM solutions, such as the Stellent system, that meet all of the critical, records-related requirements and offer built-in records management functionality will continue to grow, particularly as new regulations further drive companies' needs to efficiently manage records.
Release 6 deployment, however, was the first deployment of significant new functionality to all users at one time.
Nasdaq:RVSN) has announced SIP functionality in its popular viaIP MCU (Multipoint Conferencing Unit).
Most likely, switch vendors will integrate Layer 4 load balancing functionality into their switch products.
Now, our customers can extend feature-rich InstantOffic functionality anywhere an IP network goes, including a home office, and manage all users from a common Web interface.
0 of CityStream 5000, which features wideband cross-connect functionality.

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