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or fund′rais`er,

1. a person who solicits contributions.
2. a social gathering held for such solicitation.


[ˈfʌndˌreɪzəʳ] Nrecaudador(a) m/f de fondos
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Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a February fund-raiser involving about 200 embassy staff helped raise $2,250 for the FSN fund.
Today's companies, knowing full well that today's customer could be tomorrow's competition, are taking a more personal approach, with an emphasis on providing a hassle-free fund-raiser.
com Fund-raisers: Texas Hold 'Era Tournament, Fall Fund-raiser Admin/action ratio: 99%
There's the James McDonald Cancer Trust, which employed a professional fund-raiser to produce metal badges.
Interested donors call the advertised number and either reach a charity that operates its program in-house, or a third-party fund-raiser acting on the charity's behalf.
Sparked a national trend by turning a Fred Phelps protest into a gay fund-raiser
Washington lawyer and fund-raiser Weldon Latham learned one lesson early on: green is the color that matters above all else when it comes to Washington politics.
The fund-raiser can become tedious, almost mundane without the proper motivation.
Fund-raiser: Voices of Our Children third annual Penny Lane Fund-raiser

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