fundamental analysis

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Noun1.fundamental analysis - (stock exchange) the use of fundamentals as an investment strategy
analysis - an investigation of the component parts of a whole and their relations in making up the whole
securities market, stock exchange, stock market - an exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers
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Furthermore, the app users can now view the top stocks in terms of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and performance.
Everything I need to know about fundamental analysis, I learned from the Genovese crime family.
It employs fundamental analysis focusing on such factors as overall growth prospects, competitive position in the respective industry, technology, research, and development, productivity, labor costs, raw material costs and sources, profit margins, return on investment, capital resources, government regulation and management to create its portfolio.
The resulting fundamental analysis is familiar and able to incorporate subject-specific characteristics, such as growth and leverage, more easily and effectively than other commonly used methods.
By acquiring CressCap, Seeking Alpha will be able to provide retail investors with factor grades of investments, which are supported by robust data, in addition to qualitative fundamental analysis already provided by Seeking Alpha.
We consider ESG factors in our investment approach alongside deep fundamental analysis. For more information on PPM's ESG framework, please visit:
It addresses the market mechanism; fundamental analysis; the behavior of futures prices, arbitrage, and rolling strategies; speculation and spread trading; hedging; option valuation; energy options strategies; the evolution of energy markets; the history and growth of derivatives markets; and other topics.
Fundamental analysis looks at the intrinsic value of a company and its long-term viability.
This gives us invaluable insight as we evaluate the fundamental investment merits of an idea."<br />This is certainly an interesting evolution in which technology and the application of technical analysis are seen to augment traditional fundamental analysis.<br />The evolution of technical analysis in investing is also driven by new data streams.
Furthermore, Spruce Point pointed out that its investigation uncovered "new undocumented risks suggesting self-dealing and financial overstatement." 'POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC AND UNDISCLOSED RISKS': Spruce Point, an investment firm founded by Ben Axler, started Momo with a Strong Sell opinion and a $23-$32/per share price target, after spending months "conducting a critical forensic and fundamental analysis" of the company, which operates a Chinese live-streaming video and social networking platform.
From technical analysis to fundamental analysis, the best traders leave no stone unturned in their quest to find hidden gems.
It covers a wide spectrum of topics related to futures trading ranging from technical analysis, trading systems, and fundamental analysis to options, spreads, and practical trading principles.