fundamental frequency

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Noun1.fundamental frequency - the lowest tone of a harmonic series
harmonic - a tone that is a component of a complex sound
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The equation (6) specifies a definition of the constraints [KAPPA] created for the resolution, where [[omega]*.sub.0] = 2[pi] [f*.sub.0] relates to the standard fundamental frequency as described in [40].
By extracting the fundamental frequency (first significant peak) from the vector, we get the corresponding rate of cardiac or respiratory part of the signal respectively.
Fundamental frequency parameter [[OMEGA].sub.1] ([beta]= 2, exact solution 8.41047573) N HWM FDM DQM 4 7.235577 8.157141 8 8.118951 8.332735 8.40822662 16 8.337942 8.390010 8.41047574 32 8.392365 8.405292 8.41047574 64 8.405950 8.409176 8.41047568 128 8.409344 8.410150 8.41047711 256 8.410193 8.410394 8.41047514 FEM results (10 x 10 x 1000 el.) 8.4136 Table 4.
From the spectrum we can get: formant, fundamental frequency, and other parameters in Figure 5.
In this last case, FTT and FTE coincide with the fundamental frequency of 1.8 Hz; thus, this result is consistent with the areas geology, geomorphology, and stratigraphy.
As another example, with higher fundamental frequency, as in a pitch glide, vibrational amplitude is naturally reduced because the vocal folds (especially the ligament) are stiffer.
A study [14] investigated the relationship between the fundamental frequency, feeling of femininity and satisfaction of transgender people with their own voice and concluded that their happiness was not directly related to voice fundamental frequency or perception of femininity in their voice by voice professionals and naive listeners.
Based on the error, the uncertainly of the fundamental frequency was estimated to be 0.7 % at [U.sub.ref] = 30m/s.
In summary, studies on the pre-stressed beam and fundamental frequency are mostly based on single experiments or analyzed through adopting finite element method [5-16], and there are few studies combining experiments model and finite element method.
The low-pass filter in the traditional harmonic detection algorithm is carried out in fundamental frequency SRF.
From Figure 8, when the speed is at 100 rad/s, many multiple frequency components appear due to the inner race defect, in which the dominant peaks at 2[f.sub.i], 2[f.sub.i] + f and 2[f.sub.i] + 2f are much higher than that at the fundamental frequency. In addition, the amplitudes at 3[f.sub.i] - f and 2[f.sub.i] - f are also greater than that at the fundamental frequency.
Figure 14 shows simulated and measured second and third harmonic distortion power levels relative to the fundamental frequency output power.

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