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1. A source of supply; a stock: a fund of goodwill.
a. A sum of money or other resources set aside for a specific purpose: a pension fund.
b. funds Available money; ready cash: short on funds.
3. An organization established to administer and manage a sum of money.
4. funds The stock of the British permanent national debt, considered as public securities. Used with the.
tr.v. fund·ed, fund·ing, funds
1. To provide funds for: funded the space program; a fully funded pension.
2. To convert (short-term government debt) into a long-term or floating debt with fixed interest payments.

[Latin fundus, bottom, piece of land.]
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Adj.1.funded - furnished with funds; "well-funded research"
unfunded - not furnished with funds; "an unfunded project"
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A good example of this type of plan is a single-employer welfare benefit plan (WBP) funded by a trust.
Most of these involve the typical family trust, which has not funded any of the sub-trusts called for in the trust document after the first spouse has died.
Funded through the generosity of MTNA members and the Gloria Narramore Moody Foundation, this endowment supports Teacher Enrichment Grants benefiting Alabama and MTNA Southern Division teachers.
The budget request includes $100 million for education and cultural exchanges for States of the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, which were previously funded under the Freedom Support Act and Support for East European Democracy (SEED) accounts.
Heritage is just one of hundreds of abstinence-until-marriage programs now funded by the federal government, courtesy of a little-noticed provision of the 1996 welfare reform law that allocated $250 million over five years for states to promote abstinence education.
"The research studies commissioned by Project Oasis suggest that a pension provision for India--considering the huge diversities in income, savings capacity, literacy and variety of employment categories--will necessitate the formation of a multitude of pillars, including the mandatory defined-contribution provisions of Provident Funds, the voluntary funded public provident fund as well as a new contributory pillar (primarily for those not covered by any other formal pension provision)," the report said.
Prior to its inauguration, adult programming was scarce and erratically funded by local branch Friends groups.
For the present value of current law benefits over the next seventy-five years to be fully funded through contributions, social security taxes would have to be raised about 2.2 percent of taxable payroll; to be fully funded in perpetuity, that is, to ensure that taxes and interest income will always be sufficient to pay benefits, social security taxes would have to be raised much more--perhaps about 4 percent to 5 percent of taxable payroll.
If you scoff at the notion that a position some see as only "head bean counter" could actually become a political force, consider this: he has confronted corporate America on the issues of diversity and corporate citizenship, and as the sole trustee of the NYSCRF, he has almost doubled its value to more than $107 billion--an accomplishment that will keep it fully funded far into the future.
"The danger of accepting the plaintiffs, position is that it may not be long before all student ideological expression funded by fees is silenced," the university said.
From the corporate side, if you have one plan whose liabilities are 150-percent funded and another whose liabilities are 100-percent funded, merging the two may mean you won't have to make future contributions to the second plan.