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The queen--her name was Metanira--was desirous of funding a nurse; and when she beheld a woman of matronly aspect coming up the palace steps, she thought, in her own mind, that here was the very person whom she needed.
Suppose you are funding a college education for your 13-year-old.
The panelists' overall objective: Make funding tax-efficient.
Companies seeking funding will likely benefit from the vast amounts of capital available from an increasingly wide range of sources," said Harris Smith, West Region Managing Partner, Grant Thornton LLP, and author of a whitepaper on this subject.
If you have a goal or concern, such as educating your children or funding your retirement, keep your horizons long and don't worry if the market is too high.
The High Watermark Funds' guarantee is backed by a master agreement between AIG Series Trust, on behalf of the Funds, and Prudential Global Funding Inc.