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Noun1.funeral church - a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respectsfuneral church - a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects
dead room, morgue, mortuary - a building (or room) where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation
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Mabel Adair died on Sunday and a ceremony was held at Houston & Williamson Funeral Church on the Crumlin Road, before a committal in Roselawn Crematorium.
Meqati gave a word of farewell to a dear friend, who was a "role model for his national values and high morals throughout his lifetime." Following the funeral church mass, dignitaries and friends of the late Nassib Lahoud gave words of praise in his memory, describing the favorable characteristics he always demonstrated throughout his lifetime; namely his integrity, clear conscience, transparency, honesty, strong ethical and moral values, high sense of national belonging and social service, valuable contribution to Lebanese political and parliamentary life, strong defense of human rights, democracy, freedom, courage in combating corruption and fighting for the sake of human dignity and decent living.
Stephen's Boyzone pals looked drawn and exhausted yesterday as they arrived at the funeral church in the tough Sheriff Street neighbourhood where he was raised.