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Of or suitable for a funeral or burial.

[Latin fūnerārius, from fūnus, fūner-, funeral.]
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of, relating to, or for a funeral
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(ˈfyu nəˌrɛr i)

of or pertaining to a funeral or burial: a funerary urn.
[1685–95; < Late Latin fūnerārius. See funeral, -ary]
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Adj.1.funerary - of or for or relating to a funeral; "funerary urn"
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[ˈfjuːnərərɪ] ADJ (frm) [monument] → funerario; [ceremony] → fúnebre
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[ˈfjuːnərərɪ] adj (frm) → funebre
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Concepts in Middle Kingdom Funerary Culture: Proceedings of the Lady Wallis Budge Anniversary Symposium Held at Christ's College, Cambridge, 22 January 2016
I recently was on a terrific 10-day pilgrimage to Rome and Naples, viewing funerary frescos and sarcophagus friezes of faith-filled fourth-century Christian women.
2-The funerary mask of Yuya, father of Tiye, who became the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III.
This is the conclusion of a research study led by Universitat AutEaAnoma de Barcelona, and the University of Barcelona, which provides new data to describe and understand the presence of dogs in sacred and funerary spaces of the middle Neolithic in the Iberian Peninsula, and gets an insight on the relation between humans and these animals.
As a victim of official neglect, the funerary site has long been a magnet for robbers and vandals.
The finest of the funerary orations for John McCain at the National Cathedral on Saturday was by Henry Kissinger, and the least satisfactory was by Barack Obama.
Elizabeth Baughan's Couched in Death is a welcome addition to the scholarly literature on ancient furniture--with the kline, the couch or bed, considered here in its funerary context but also in terms of its wider use.
In the geographic area that is currently covered by the Serra da Capivara and Serra das Confusoes National Parks, such evidence is found in the form of rock-shelters with rock art and/or with funerary use, as well as multipurpose camps and villages that were initially used by mobile hunter-gatherer groups and later by semi-sedentary horticultural-ceramist groups (Guidon 2014; Guidon et al.
Although the funerary sites have not been tabulated, there are countless numbers of them beautifully constructed and decorated.'
Scores of finely-carved funerary objects including weapons, jade and stoneware were unearthed, which were confirmed to date back to the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC).
According the historians the graveyard of Makli hill is one largest funerary site in the world which spread over 12 square kilometers.