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1. Law Returnable or negotiable in kind or by substitution, as a quantity of grain for an equal amount of the same kind of grain.
2. Interchangeable.
often fungibles Law Something that is fungible.

[Medieval Latin fungibilis, from Latin fungī (vice), to perform (in place of).]

fun′gi·bil′i·ty n.
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Contract notice: supply of the reagents, calibrators, controls and specific fungibles and the necessary elements for the realization of the various analytical techniques in the automated central laboratory
El mas utilizado en la zona tranquila suele ser bastante variado en funcion del tipo de centro; mientras el empleado en los publicos es habitualmente el no fungible movil (36'36%) y el fungible psicomotor (27'27%), en los privados se usan mas los no fungibles moviles (28'57%) y los fungibles alternativos (50'0%).
When it comes to fungibles, nobody beats the home furnishings industry.
Tenders are invited for & Lt; Span style = "font-size: 10pt; Font-family: & Quot; Arial & Sans-serif; Line-height: 120%; Mso-fareast-font-family: & "times new roman & Quot ;; Mso-ansi-language: En; Mso-fareast-language: En; Mso-bidi-language: Ar-sa" & Gt; Acquisition of nine semiautomatic defibrillators external and its fungibles (electrodes and batteries) showcases, Signage and basic training on the operation of equipment to various headquarters of the education and research & Lt; / span & Gt;
Tenders are invited for suministro de reactivos, Fungibles, Accesorios para analizadores genticos, Termocicladores y pcr cuantitativo tiempo real con destino al hospital universitario 12 de octubre