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a. fungitóxico, de efecto tóxico en los hongos.
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alternata, it was found that the essential oil of Piper hispidinervum showed fungitoxic activity on the mycelial growth of this fungus (La Torre et al., 2014; Llorens et al., 2017).
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These EOs have a larvicidal effect against the Coenagrionidae family and fungitoxic activity in vitro against species of pathogenic fungi and wood decay (SILVA et al., 2014; SCHINDLER, 2015).
Spying of fungitoxic potential of natural plant derived compounds for managing fungal pathogenesis becoming an important part of research these days.
A variety of plant extracts and secondary metabolites such as essential oil, tannins, alkaloids, and flavonoids have been reported to have promising in vitro fungitoxic activities against a range of fungi [18].
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These observations suggest that high accumulation of ROS in younger leaf tissues during the earlier stages of infection may have a direct fungitoxic effect on the pathogen (e.g.