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n. aspergiloma, masa redonda de Aspergillus hyphae que coloniza una cavidad existente en el pulmón.
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Because a fungus ball secondary to Candida tropicalis was highly suspected at this time, intermittent bladder washouts with saline (2 L per time and 3 times per day) were performed via an indwelling three-cavity urinary catheter.
2,6) A diagnosis of mycetoma should be considered when computed tomography (CT) demonstrates a focal mass or diffuse area of increased radiodensity and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows a correlating marked decrease in intensity on T1- and T2-weighted imaging, making the fungus ball "invisible" as it blends with the adjacent air of the sinus.
THE distinctive white fungus ball is found in meadows, pastures and undergrowth, most commonly between July and November: rare examples have been recorded at 4ft in diameter.
A new opacification was realized, at low pressure, demonstrating the persistence of the fungus ball without any significant size change.
This finding was compatible with the suspected intraoperative diagnosis of a fungus ball.
Three types of disease were identified: rhinocerebral disease (Table 1), pulmonary disease (Table 2), and fungus ball (Table 3).