funnel web

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Noun1.funnel web - a funnel-shaped spider web; the funnel-web spider perches in the center of the web
spider web, spider's web - a web spun by spiders to trap insect prey
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"They couldn't believe their eyes when a deadly funnel web spider crawled from a bag of bananas and across their kitchen table.
After driving very slowly, eventually my reward came in the form of some funnel web spiders in the Langata forest.
Afterwards, showing it to a friend, it was deemed to be a funnel web, infinitely more dangerous than the huntsman!
For the research, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists travelled to Australia's Fraser Island to capture three Australian funnel web spiders.
"In terms of speed of death, in Australia we say funnel web, 15 minutes, no sweat.
But the plan has bitten the dust as the site is home to funnel web spiders - whose bites can kill in 15 minutes.
Created in partnership with the RSPB, this is located by the water taxi stop and is best described as a giant human-sized funnel web.
After years of invading dark corners of Welsh garages and linen closets, false widow and funnel web spiders will club together with native UK adders to form the only political party speaking up for terrifying creatures - attracting a couple of headline defections of Tory MPs.
The poisonous funnel web spider is found in which country?