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Adj.1.funnel-shaped - shaped in the form of a funnel
formed - having or given a form or shape
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He thought he would satisfy himself on that point; so he searched around till he found a small sandy spot with a little funnel-shaped depression in it.
After some thought he placed the little pig inside his funnel-shaped hat, and then put the hat upon his head and went back to his room to think over his speech to the jury.
And then came Nick Chopper, the Tin Woodman, with his funnel-shaped cap tipped carelessly over his left ear, his gleaming axe over his right shoulder, and his whole body sparkling as brightly as it had ever done in the old days when first she knew him.
it is true," cried Sir Bertrand, striding across to the recess where the ungainly, funnel-shaped, thick-ribbed engines were standing.
One funnel-shaped depression in the morass, of a livid green in color from some lichen which festered in it, will always remain as a nightmare memory in my mind.
Neighbours were shocked when a funnel-shaped cloud touched down and caused damage to a number of homes across Altrincham, Hale and Wythenshawe last Friday night.
The funnel-shaped hour scale is featured in bright colours and the circular graining of the funnel is still visible through the semi-transparent varnish.
| BINDWEED THIS strangler twirls itself around prize plants and produces funnel-shaped white flowers of its own.
The funnel-shaped catchment, made of glulam, is the focal point of the lanai, Asmara's main entertainment area.
who do not hesitate to use their funnel-shaped rifles to spray the demonstrators with hundreds of buckshots.
Senegal is said to have demersal trawlers, fishing vessels that have huge funnel-shaped nets that are dragged along the ocean floor in order to maximize catch, including plants and animals that make up the habitat in which fish live and reproduce.
Leather from the Bronze AgeThe treasure itself consists of jewelry of Bronze spirals and tin funnel-shaped hangers that were probably put into the ground in a leather package with three Bronze disk-like objects sewed to the top.