adj. Nonstandard
More fun. See Usage Note at fun.
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A ferry would be "a relatively funner way to get there," 25-year-old Alan Geday told The Daily Star.
When the possibility of having funner, more attentive parents arrives to her through a (forbidden) door, she immediately takes it.
The Creators (as they were known) just kept on making stuff -- bigger, better, faster, smarter, funner, cooler stuff than ever before.
Prose offers a much flabbier, funner, easier engagement with the world where you can make mistakes and there's a lot of room for misunderstanding, which is great.
The Funner Olympics -- which featured 50 booths, events and games throughout the school field house, side fields and tennis courts -- is part of a tradition spanning nearly four decades at the Arlington Heights high school.
Noting that a 150-pound funner can experience 600 to 900 pounds of pressure with each foot strike, these two women argue that athletes who transition to water workouts will prevent injuries and extend athletic careers while maintaining endurance and strength.
And then there was the lighter, funner, funnier version that Warner Bros.
Funner fact: My daughter went to Jewish nursery school with Hautzig's granddaughter; both enjoyed the slide.)
Since the NPR podcast for kids 'Wow in the World' debuted in May, he's listened to every episode three times."It's a little funner" than television, James said."My brain works better." When the show's co-host Guy Raz came to James' hometown this summer for a live taping of his podcast for grown-ups, 'How I Built This', James' mom arranged for them to meet outside the venue.
"I've accrued all this knowledge and experience and I just want to use it to make Bellingham a funner place to live," he said.
Can it be an old word with a new meaning?" I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to have my question met by a series of questions from other academics (in contrast, my nine-year old son promptly answered my question: "funner!"), but I wasn't getting anywhere in my quest to match David's long list of interesting words.