adj. Nonstandard
Most fun. See Usage Note at fun.
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"T20 is arguably the funnest competition and you want to be out there.
Amy: That was like the funnest set we've played so far.
There are many ways I go about it, and don't worry, he gives as good as he gets, but by God it's the funnest game in the world.
Frankly, it turned into one of my "funnest" shooters and the group in the picture is at 15 yards, just goofing off.
I think that was one of the funnest (sic) art things I have done.
It's not the funnest thing to do and a lot of people don't enjoy it like I do.
"This is probably one of the funnest things we do all year," said Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther.
We are creating the coolest and funnest way to shop online, and that's what we're excited about here.
Calling it Balaji's 'funnest film', Ekta described the film as, "Move over surprise parties..and make way for surprise shaadis."
I wouldn't say there was a crash, but obviously going to China after you win the US Open is not always going to be the funnest thing.
"It's like the easiest job ever, but the funnest job and the hardest job at the same time.