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adj. fun·ni·er, fun·ni·est
a. Causing laughter or amusement: a funny cartoon.
b. Making or given to making amusing jokes or witticisms: a colleague who is very funny.
c. Appropriate as the subject of a joke; deserving of a joke. Used in negative sentences to express disapproval or to emphasize the seriousness of something: There is nothing funny about getting the flu.
a. Difficult to account for; unusual or odd: I had a funny feeling that she would call.
b. Suspiciously odd: It's funny how I seem to lose something every time he comes around.
3. Counterfeit or fraudulent: tried to pass off funny money as legitimate.
4. Informal Somewhat ill, painful, or abnormal: I felt funny after eating those clams."a mole on his arm that has started to go funny" (Ann Cummins).
5. Informal
a. Offensively forward or disrespectful: She told him off after he started to get funny.
b. Contrary to one's demands or expectations: Don't let the prisoners do anything funny.
n. pl. fun·nies Informal
1. A joke; a witticism: "He laughed because he did not know I was not making a funny" (Jonathan Safran Foer).
2. funnies
a. Comic strips.
b. The section of a newspaper containing comic strips.

[From fun.]

fun′ni·ly adv.
fun′ni·ness n.
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Noun1.funniness - a comic incident or series of incidents
fun, sport, play - verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously); "he became a figure of fun"; "he said it in sport"


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Unfortunately, Hold The Sunset's biggest problem so far is that it simply fails on the funniness front.
The Third Policeman and also what I've read of At Swim-Two-Birds, his better known novel showcases O'Brien's funniness in a stubbornly postcolonial way that I can deeply relate to, exploding as he does pedantism and good manners at every turn with his irreverent Irish wit.
Telling a story and laughing so hard at my own funniness that nobody can understand what I am saying, so only I get the joke.
We performed a 2 x 3 (Resiliency: low or high by Cartoon humor: TOM, SEM, INC) mixed ANOVA with the Cartoon as the within-subjects factor to analyze funniness ratings.
From Page 23 Having been winning at stand up and associated funniness for the best part of a decade - she was crowned Queen of Comedy at the British Comedy Awards in 2011, clocked up record-breaking DVD sales with Chatterbox Live the same year, and enjoyed Bafta-nominated success with three series of BBC2's The Sarah Millican Television Programme - it's fair to say 2017 wasn't the first time publishers had come calling.
However, the July 16 "Hagar the Horrible" cartoon crossed a line related to violence toward women in particular and the presumed funniness of beheadings by barbarians.
She had the funniness and physicality required for the part.
I think, obviously, there's lots of funniness in it, but the romance was undeniable.
Reviewing what has been written may help reveal common features that contribute to perceptions of funniness.
He does not take his trademark funniness over the top in this role.