fur hat

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Noun1.fur hat - a hat made of furfur hat - a hat made of fur      
castor, beaver - a hat made with the fur of a beaver (or similar material)
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
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Hilda was back in a few moments wearing a long gray squirrel coat and a broad fur hat.
Tweed blazer, EUR28; chiffon drop-waist dress, EUR28; woollen tights, EUR4 for a pack of three; brown lace-up calf boots, EUR39; faux fur hat, EUR13.
99, both River Island; hat, pounds 20, Accessorize; bangles, pounds 5 each, Freedom @ Top Shop; shoes, M&S, as before; earrings, pounds 7, M&S; vanity case, pounds 35, Saratoga Trunk; fur stole, pounds 20, Saratoga Trunk; china brooch, stylist's own 5Suit, pounds 75, Saratoga Trunk; polo neck, pounds 18, Topshop; pearl necklace, pounds 12, M&S; fake fur hat, pounds 25, Saratoga Trunk bracelet, pounds 8, M&S; handbag, Saratoga Trunk, as before; shoes, as before; earrings, pounds 7, M&S
So she got a flask of the stuff - just to be ready - and stuck on her posh new designer fur hat for a trip to a photo-shoot at studios in Highgate.
The 23-year-old Smile singer pulled on this Cossack-style fur hat for a trip to Fulham with her dad, actor Keith, 55, on Saturday.
Sophie was condemned by animal rights campaigners and animal groups including the RSPCA last year, for wearing a fox fur hat while watching the Cartier Polo World Cup at the exclusive Swiss resort of St Moritz.
I wanted sheepskin from head to foot, it was so cold, and I've got a big Russianlooking fur hat.
So slip on those sexy salopettes and shrug on a furry zip front jacket and a fun fur hat or scarf and you'll be ready for any kind of action.
Maybe then Ray's daughter felt a little better when she had to cover her own head in a Russian fur hat as she strutted down the catwalk at London Fashion Week.
An icy white coat with matching white boots and fur hat or a chunky creamy cardigan with baggy trousers and trainers.
FIVE UNDER If you're heading out for Hogmanay, top off your outfit with a ER PS50 If you're heading out for Hogmanay, top off your outfit with a faux fur hat, for maximum warmth and style.
The beautiful Vietnamese wefts could look stunning tumbling down from a fur hat, teamed with a winter coat and boots