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Fierce, fur-bearing creatures attacked us by daylight and by dark.
Evidently we were too far south even for the great fur-bearing animals which the Martians so delight in hunting.
Native Americans across the continent trapped fur-bearing animals with pits, deadfalls, and snares, and used the furs for warmth and trade and the meat for food.
Our most abundant fur-bearing predator is the eastern coyote.
McLoughlin: the over-hunting of fur-bearing animals coincided with the dramatic change in fashion--from broad-brimmed felt hats to tall silk hats.
Here they meet a third major character, Seeker, a claw-bearing, fur-bearing female from yet another Continuum.
The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals is one high-profile organization that supports Bill C-246, posting that "It looks good for the animals," along with the full text of the Bill.
Primarily a varminting bullet, Hornady's V-Max is known for extreme accuracy and shocking fragmentation on impact A thin-jacketed, polymer-tipped bullet with a soft lead core, it's designed to expand violently to cause instantaneous death in predators and varmints but not to penetrate completely through fur-bearing animals.
Lurther phase-out of lead ammunition for hunting in California will continue on July 1, 2016, when nonlead ammunition will be required when hunting with shotguns for upland game birds (except for dove, quail and snipe), small game mammals, fur-bearing mammals and nongame birds except for when hunting at licensed game bird clubs.
Economic forces including market slowdowns in big fur-buying countries like Russia, China and South Korea, as well as a continuing trend toward distaste for fur as a result of animal welfare concerns, make Cogill among a dwindling number of trappers catching fur-bearing beasts in the wild.
Because weasels are fur-bearing animals, check with your state Fish and Wildlife Department regulations before trapping with a trap that kills weasels.