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intr.v. fur·cat·ed, fur·cat·ing, fur·cates
To divide into branches; fork.
Divided into branches; forked.

[Late Latin furcātus, forked, from Latin furca, fork.]

fur′cate′ly adv.
fur·ca′tion n.
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Noun1.furcation - the place where something divides into branches
angular shape, angularity - a shape having one or more sharp angles
bifurcation - the place where something divides into two branches
ramification, branch, leg - a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"
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(13) Clinical indications of EMDs include nonsurgical periodontal therapy, guided bone regeneration, bone defects, furcation defects, and gingival recession treatments.
Except for resorptive defects or caries, furcation or root perforations are iatrogenic in nature and are the key causes of endodontic failure.
Indications for EMD in periodontology include angular intrabony defects, class II furcation defects, and recession defects (9, 10).
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Cheng and Lin [4] studied the influence upon the flame transmission regular pattern in deflagration for tube furcation and pointed out that the additional turbulent flow was produced under the condition of the branch tube, leading to improve the flame transmission speed in the explosion.
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