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n. pl. fur·cu·lae (-lē′) Zoology
A forked part or bone, such as the wishbone of a bird. Also called fourchette.

[Latin, diminutive of furca, fork.]

fur′cu·lar adv.


(ˈfɜːkjʊlə) or


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː) , -la (-lə)
(Zoology) any forklike part or organ, esp the fused clavicles (wishbone) of birds
[C19: from Latin: a forked support for a wall, diminutive of furca fork]


(ˈfɜr kyə lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli)
a forked bone; wishbone.
[1855–60; < Latin: a forked prop. See fork, -ule]
fur′cu•lar, adj.
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Noun1.furcula - a forked bone formed by the fusion of the clavicles of most birdsfurcula - a forked bone formed by the fusion of the clavicles of most birds
bird - warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
wishbone, wishing bone - the furcula of a domestic fowl
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
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The size and shape of the apertures in the sternum are highly variable; so is the degree of divergence and relative size of the two arms of the furcula.
Antennal segments 1 to 3, head, body, legs to tibiotarsus, collophore scales only on posterior face, and ventral face of furcula.
Furthermore, it has also been reported that the common carotid artery gives rise to the oesophageal branch in the Eurasian bittern (Erdogan, 2012) and to the mesoesophageal artery at the level of the furcula, as indicated by Glenny (1944, 1945a, 1948a, 1953a).
A cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex wishbone, makes it clear that the mere presence of a furcula does not mean an animal could fly.
Skeletal elements of the animals present in Jaani graves at Vao bones teeth Furcula Coracoid Vertebrae Cranium Dog 1 10 3 Sheep/goat 1 14 1 Cattle 4 8 2 Pig 2 7 Horse 1 Seal Hare 1 1 Pine marten 1 Fox?
Se examino para determinar la presencia de grasa subcutanea en furcula, flancos y abdomen con las siguientes categorias: sin grasa (nivel 0); grasa baja (1); grasa moderadas (2); y grasa abundante (3) (NORTH AMERICAN BANDING COUNCIL, 2001) (Fig.
Tenth abdominal tergite completely divided, furcula absent.
The wishbone of a turkey, also called a furcula 6 Latin for 'little fork' 6 is found in many other birds.
O segundo metodo, denominado de hemichanfradura, considera a medida da distancia entre a furcula do esterno ate a ponta do dedo medio da mao, que foi realizada com o braco estendido, formando um angulo de 90[grados] com o corpo e foi aferida com o auxilio de uma fita metrica flexivel.
Estas ultimas permanecen mas tiempo como una unidad, frecuentemente junto a coracoides, furcula, escapula y, en algunos casos, esternon.