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 (fûr′fə-răl′, -fyə-)
A colorless, sweet-smelling, oily liquid, C5H4O2, made from corncobs and other cellulosic wastes and used in the synthesis of furan derivatives, as a solvent for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, and certain dyes, and as a fungicide and insecticide.

[furfur + -al.]


(ˈfɜr fyəˌræl, -fə-)

a colorless liquid, C5H4O2, used in making plastics and refining oils.
[1875–80; <furfur(ol) an oil distilled from bran (< Latin furfur bran + -ol1) + -al3]
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Noun1.furfural - a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor; made from plant hulls and corncobs; used in making furan and as a solvent
aldehyde - any of a class of highly reactive chemical compounds; used in making resins and dyes and organic acids
plant product - a product made from plant material
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Carbon-carbon bond formation for biomassderived furfurals and ketones by aldol condensation in a biphasic system.
Of individual compounds in the unextracted sawdust sample (sample 1), [alpha]-pinene, 3-carene, furfurals, limonene, pentanal, and hexanal were the most abundant.
They found that under the acidic conditions in the presence of acetyl bromide, xylans are partially degraded to furfurals that absorb in the 280-nm region.