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Variant of frumenty.
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At the beginning of the novel, Henchard and Susan are in a furmity tent.
From Farmer Boldwood's impending trial for murder (commuted to "life"), in Far From the Madding Crowd, to the charges brought against the furmity woman in The Mayor of Casterbridge, right through to Sue Bridehead's crusade against the laws of matrimony in Jude, and many a controversial legal issue in between (notably Grace Melbury's divorce in The Woodlanders), legal issues abound in Hardy's novels and Davis traces their every implication.
In cilantro's case, before the plant shoots into nuggety corns That must be ground like pepper (and utterly unlike In taste the seed is furmity sweet, yeast yoked), Rainy cilantro is sheer Zitronen bluehn and wet As moon's autumnal gleam, drenched in tartness to a kind of squeak Between the teeth .