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Noun1.furnace lining - lining consisting of material with a high melting pointfurnace lining - lining consisting of material with a high melting point; used to line the inside walls of a furnace
lining, liner - a protective covering that protects an inside surface
fireclay - a heat-resistant clay
alumina, aluminium oxide, aluminum oxide - any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum
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Then, the model determines the shape and size of the melt flowing in the furnace lining and inductor to obtain isotherms that coincide with the experimental ones.
Excess air burners will kill an aluminum furnace lining. The type of flux you are using could be off-gassing and causing your refractory binder to fail."--David W.
With the operator-entered automatic preheat feature, Melt Manager Plus will turn on the system at a preset time at a reduced power level designed to preheat the furnace lining. This allows the operator to initiate full melting operations at the start of the production shift, reducing staffing costs and enhancing lining life.
This article looks at the reasons behind coreless induction furnace lining wear at Rochester Metal products and explains why melting ductile iron causes a more aggressive erosion of the silica lining.
Precast shapes are being used in the tapping and slag spouts to maintain a more uniform section and reorient the interface line between the spout and main furnace lining. Changes in the sinter and cold-start procedures have accompanied experimentation with nontraditional lining materials in the upper area of the lining.
Cold restarts of a previously sintered furnace lining address a different set of issues than does the initial sinter, but the thermal issues are similar.
Seeing that no existing formulation was solving Saturn's problem, Plibrico Co., Chicago, the company that had provided an earlier furnace lining for the foundry, developed a new castable lining with special additives to provide a more durable oxide barrier for severe molten aluminum environments.
If the foundry is experiencing a changing ground resistance with their furnace, it is often the product of a faulty delonizer instead of the usual association with water leaks, faulty capacitors or furnace lining problems.
The longest lasting furnace lining was an 8240 ton throughput (Fig.