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tr.v. fur·nished, fur·nish·ing, fur·nish·es
a. To provide (what is needed or desired): furnished the snacks for the party.
b. To provide furniture for: furnish a room.
c. To provide something necessary or desired to; equip: furnished the students with pens.
2. To have as an available or desirable feature: a courtyard that furnishes a fine view.

[Middle English furnisshen, from Old French fournir, fourniss-, of Germanic origin; see per in Indo-European roots.]

fur′nish·er n.
Synonyms: furnish, equip, outfit, supply
These verbs mean to provide with what is necessary for an activity or a purpose: furnished the team with new uniforms; equip a car with snow tires; had to outfit the children for summer camp; supplied the crew with hardhats.
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(of a house, room, etc) provided with furniture, carpets, etc
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Adj.1.furnished - provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority); "a furnished apartment"; "a completely furnished toolbox"
article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture - furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
unfurnished - not equipped with what is needed especially furniture; "an unfurnished apartment"
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búinn húsgögnum
가구가 갖추어진
đã trang bị đồ đạc


[ˈfɜːrnɪʃt] adj [room, house] → meublé(e)
furnished flat (British) furnished apartment (US)meublé m
elegantly furnished → meublé(e) avec goût
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(ˈfəːniʃ) verb
1. to provide (a house etc) with furniture. We spent a lot of money on furnishing our house.
2. to give (what is necessary); to supply. They furnished the library with new books.
ˈfurnished adjective
a furnished flat.
ˈfurnishings noun plural
furniture, equipment etc. The office had very expensive furnishings.
ˈfurniture (-tʃə) noun
things in a house etc such as tables, chairs, beds etc. modern funiture.
furniture is a collective noun taking a singular verb: His furniture is rather old .
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مَفْرُوش zařízený møbleret möbliert επιπλωμένος amueblado kalustettu meublé namješten arredato 家具付きの 가구가 갖추어진 gemeubileerd møblert umeblowany mobilado меблированный möblerad ซึ่งมีเครื่องเรือนพร้อม mobilyalı đã trang bị đồ đạc 精装的
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This provision then nature herself seems to have furnished all animals with, as well immediately upon their first origin as also when they are arrived at a state of maturity; for at the first of these periods some of them are provided in the womb with proper nourishment, which continues till that which is born can get food for itself, as is the case with worms and birds; and as to those which bring forth their young alive, they have the means for their subsistence for a certain time within themselves, namely milk.
But let the same person be led into a room tastefully furnished, and he would be startled into an exclamation of pleasure and surprise.
I therefore felt disposed to undertake the task, provided documents of sufficient extent and minuteness could be furnished to me.
They also heated a distilling apparatus, which, by evaporation, furnished excellent drinkable water.
The Great Salt Lake still remained unexplored; at the same time, the means which had been furnished so liberally to fit out this favorite expedition, had all been squandered at Monterey; and the peltries, also, which had been collected on the way.
The one grand stage where he enacted all his various parts so manifold, was his vice-bench; a long rude ponderous table furnished with several vices, of different sizes, and both of iron and of wood.
When I had read two or three of the small hours away and was as wide awake as ever, I found that a drink furnished the soporific effect.
Now, as they must, by taking horses from Worcester, have furnished any pursuers with the means of hereafter discovering their route, the ensign proposed, and the lady presently agreed, to make their first stage on foot; for which purpose the hardness of the frost was very seasonable.
The Disinherited Knight had exchanged his armour for the long robe usually worn by those of his condition, which, being furnished with a hood, concealed the features, when such was the pleasure of the wearer, almost as completely as the visor of the helmet itself, but the twilight, which was now fast darkening, would of itself have rendered a disguise unnecessary, unless to persons to whom the face of an individual chanced to be particularly well known.
In the fire-side narrative of Captain Sleet, entitled A Voyage among the Icebergs, in quest of the Greenland Whale, and incidentally for the re-discovery of the Lost Icelandic Colonies of Old Greenland; in this admirable volume, all standers of mast-heads are furnished with a charmingly circumstantial account of the then recently invented crow's-nest of the Glacier, which was the name of Captain Sleet's good craft.
If you could get a furnished one so much the better, but if not, we can scare up a few sticks of finiture between us and old family friends with attics.
Joe ran the tiler, a machine wherein a hot iron was hooked on a steel string which furnished the pressure.