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tr.v. fur·nished, fur·nish·ing, fur·nish·es
a. To provide (what is needed or desired): furnished the snacks for the party.
b. To provide furniture for: furnish a room.
c. To provide something necessary or desired to; equip: furnished the students with pens.
2. To have as an available or desirable feature: a courtyard that furnishes a fine view.

[Middle English furnisshen, from Old French fournir, fourniss-, of Germanic origin; see per in Indo-European roots.]

fur′nish·er n.
Synonyms: furnish, equip, outfit, supply
These verbs mean to provide with what is necessary for an activity or a purpose: furnished the team with new uniforms; equip a car with snow tires; had to outfit the children for summer camp; supplied the crew with hardhats.
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As a furnisher of business for me and for Mammy Dorcas she is exhaustlessly competent, but I like my share of it and of course Dorcas likes hers, for Dorcas "raised" George, and Cathy is George over again in so many ways that she brings back Dorcas's youth and the joys of that long-vanished time.
I put my hand in his, wondering who he was, and we walked away to a shop in a narrow street, on which was written OMER, DRAPER, TAILOR, HABERDASHER, FUNERAL FURNISHER, &c.
There have been decorators and furnishers up from Plymouth, and it is evident that our friend has large ideas and means to spare no pains or expense to restore the grandeur of his family.
Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company has signed partnership agreements with a number of leading furnisher and home appliances merchants to provide exclusive sales for the customers, he added.
The Maritime Law provides its own definition in Article 136, stating that a shipping agent is "the agent of the furnisher in places where the furnisher has no branches".
He had worked as a polisher for furnisher Harry Roebuck in Moldgreen.
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A person required to furnish Schedules K-1 to partners (furnisher) can do so in an electronic format, provided the recipient has affirmatively consented to receive it in an electronic format and demonstrated that he or she can access the document in the electronic format in which it will be furnished.
(9) The provider of information is often referred to as the "furnisher." Furnishers include banks, credit card companies, auto lenders, collection agencies or other businesses.
The rules do not change a consumer's ability to submit a dispute to a consumer reporting agency or a furnisher's duty to investigate a dispute referred by a reporting agency.
The term 'data furnisher' means any agency, governmental entity, organization, corporation, trust, partnership, sole proprietorship, unincorporated association, venture established to make a profit, or nonprofit, and any contractor, subcontractor, affiliate, or licensee thereof, that serves as a source of information for a data broker.
William Sheilds was a pawnbroker and house furnisher with business premises in both Hill St and Mill St, Toxteth, from before 1914 until his death in 1940.