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n. pl. fur·ri·er·ies
1. Fur garments and trimmings considered as a group.
2. The business of a furrier.


n, pl -eries
1. (Clothing & Fashion) the occupation of a furrier
2. (Clothing & Fashion) furs worn as a garment or trim collectively


(ˈfɜr i ə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. the business, trade, or craftsmanship of a furrier.
2. Archaic. furs in general.
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biuncifera is used in the furriery industry and as a farm tool (Camacho-Morfin et al.
Fodder 34% Fuel 22% Living fences 12% Medicinal 10% Construction 7% Ornamentals 5% Furriery 2.