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 (fûr′ō, fŭr′ō)
1. A long, narrow, shallow trench made in the ground by a plow.
2. A rut, groove, or narrow depression: snow drifting in furrows.
3. A deep wrinkle in the skin, as on the forehead.
v. fur·rowed, fur·row·ing, fur·rows
1. To make long, narrow, shallow trenches in; plow.
2. To form grooves or deep wrinkles in.
To become furrowed or wrinkled.

[Middle English forwe, from Old English furh.]
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Adj.1.furrowed - having long narrow shallow depressions (as grooves or wrinkles) in the surface; "furrowed fields"; "his furrowed face lit by a warming smile"
unfurrowed - not marked with shallow depressions or furrows; "an unfurrowed field"; "unfurrowed cheeks"
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مُقَطَّب الجَبين
hrukkaîur; plægîur


[ˈfʌrəʊd] ADJ with furrowed browcon ceño fruncido
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[ˈfʌrəʊd] adjcorrucciato/a
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(ˈfarəu) , ((American) ˈfə:-) noun
1. a line cut into the earth by a plough. The farmer planted potatoes in the furrows.
2. a line in the skin of the face; a wrinkle. The furrows in her forehead made her look older.
to make furrows in. Her face was furrowed with worry.
ˈfurrowed adjective
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It was seamed and furrowed; he could trace the lines with the tips of his fingers.
In the first week of December, the mahangu plants in 73 year old Maria Stefanus' ripped and furrowed field in Ohaziwa village, Oshana region, were already 25 cm tall and growing fast.