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adj.A comparative of far
1. More distant in degree, time, or space: a result that was further from our expectations than last time; the further lamppost.
2. Additional: a further example; a further delay.
adv.A comparative of far
1. To a greater extent; more: considered further the consequences of her actions.
2. In addition; furthermore: He stated further that he would not cooperate with the committee.
3. At or to a more distant or advanced point: went only three miles further; reading five pages further tonight. See Usage Note at farther.
tr.v. fur·thered, fur·ther·ing, fur·thers
To help the progress of; promote. See Synonyms at advance.

[Middle English, from Old English furthra, from furthor, farther. Adv., from Middle English, from Old English furthor; see per in Indo-European roots.]

fur′ther·er n.
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And if it had not been that we have crossed his path he would be yet, he may be yet if we fail, the father or furtherer of a new order of beings, whose road must lead through Death, not Life."
Isomura, hoped that the new era continues to bring peace and economic prosperity to Japan as well as to all other countries in the new era and that the people from Japan and Pakistan work hand in hand to enhance the friendship furtherer. Mr.
He furtherer added that these legends are recognition of our country and with their remarkable efforts they keep the nation's flag highest in the world.