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 (fyo͞o′zān, fyo͞o-zān′)
a. Fine charcoal in stick form, made from the wood of the spindle tree.
b. A sketch or drawing made with this charcoal.
2. A black, friable band in bituminous coal, characterized by a fibrous structure and silky luster.

[French, spindle tree, charcoal made from its wood, from Vulgar Latin *fūsāgō, *fūsāgin-, spindle (formerly made from the wood of a spindle tree), from Latin fūsus.]
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(fjuːˈzeɪn; French fyzɛ̃)
1. (Art Terms) a fine charcoal pencil or stick made from the spindle tree
2. (Art Terms) a drawing done with such a pencil
3. (Elements & Compounds) a dull black brittle form of carbon resembling charcoal, found in certain coals
[C19: from French: spindle tree or charcoal made from it, from Vulgar Latin fūsāgō (unattested) a spindle (generally made from the spindle tree), from Latin fūsus]
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Noun1.fusain - a stick of black carbon material used for drawing
writing implement - an implement that is used to write
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Le noir et blanc pour lequel Satrapi a opte est une bichromie (telle que l'Lil humain la percoit) en contraste parfait: pas de lignes hachurees, pas de degrades de gris, pas de pointilles, pas d'effet fusain, etc., seuls le noir et le blanc en couleurs franches.
Macroscopic compositions of coal refer to the basic unit of coal that can be distinguished by the naked eye, which can be divided into vitrain, clarain, durain, and fusain. The gloss of four macroscopic compositions is gradually weakened.
En plus des photographies, Jaoudet Gassouma a expose quelques dessins bruts, au crayon et au fusain, des representations d'une dizaines de personnages atypiques rencontres pendant ce sejour.
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Issue du monde du theatre, Fabienne Pasquet emprunte une demarche dramatique faisant se succeder des scenes au terme desquelles le portrait au fusain que Baudelaire fit de Jeanne, reproduit au debut de l'ouvrage, acquiert peu a peu une consistance << legendaire >>.
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Le fusain fuit la gomme, pour saxophone baryton solo.
Best highlighters are Snow from Urban Decay (mail order from Harvey Nichols) and Bobbi Brown's Camel (Frasers) as a socket line shadow, with Lancome's Fusain for the lower eyeline.
Indeed, since the late Silurian at least, wildfire is everywhere fossilized into the geological record as the ubiquitous, silky fibers of ancient charcoal or fusain. Little is known about prehistoric fire frequency, but it is estimated that modern lightning strikes about l0 million times each day, producing, perhaps, 1 million ignitions.