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Noun1.fuschia - a dark purplish-red color
purplish red, purplish-red - a red with a tinge of purple
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4 Referring to Diagram III-A, place marked fuschia B on dark purple D as shown, right sides together.
Fuschia suit jacket, PS49, fuschia slim trouser, PS30, white crop vest, PS7, all Topshop; Barnley patent clutch, PS33, Dune; Silver disc necklace, PS14, Next
The project, known as Fuchsia, is being designed to better accommodate voice interactions and security updates as well as look the same across a range of devices and members of the Fuschia team have discussed creating a single operating system capable of running all the company's in-house gadgets as well as third-party devices that run on Android and another system called Chrome OS.
Judy, 58, wore a fuschia pink top with the words "He's fine" in bold letters at Glasgow's Western Health & Racquets Club.
In the image taken by Malay Mail as authorities confiscated nearly 300 designer handbags from the high-end condo belonging to ex-prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the top left box can be seen labelled 'H-bag Fuschia Pink Croco Skin Hermes' while the third box from the top bears the label 'Fushia Pink Croco Skin Hermes w/ Diamante'.
TRAFFIC patrolman Dave Clark retired from the force to make a new fuschia for himself - as a leading breeder of beautiful flowers.
MORE SHOP PUNNERY SHOP name puns from around the world include Bread Pitt bakery shop, Lord of the Rinse laundry and Back To The Fuschia flower shop.
Q Please can you alert your readers about the fuschia gall mite which is attacking plants.
That is where 'Fuschia' caters to the needs of this health conscious segment.
For little girls, Babyshop's collection has party dresses in summer whites and soft pastel shades of peach, melon, pink and pale gold offset by brighter fuschia and green.
Some of the creations Barretto wore were a purple and fuschia jacket, a navy blue vest, and a yellow blouse.