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Noun1.fuschia - a dark purplish-red color
purplish red, purplish-red - a red with a tinge of purple
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TRAFFIC patrolman Dave Clark retired from the force to make a new fuschia for himself - as a leading breeder of beautiful flowers.
MORE SHOP PUNNERY SHOP name puns from around the world include Bread Pitt bakery shop, Lord of the Rinse laundry and Back To The Fuschia flower shop.
Q Please can you alert your readers about the fuschia gall mite which is attacking plants.
Mohit Bhatia, founder of Fuschia puts forward some tips to take care of your skin:
For little girls, Babyshop's collection has party dresses in summer whites and soft pastel shades of peach, melon, pink and pale gold offset by brighter fuschia and green.
Some of the creations Barretto wore were a purple and fuschia jacket, a navy blue vest, and a yellow blouse.
The event, being held under the patronage of Medpoint chief executive Shaikha Noora bint Khalifa Al Khalifa, is being organised by LuLu Hypermarket in co-operation with Fuschia Event Management.
Both are members of the New Day Hope Chapel, the Fuschia and Begonia Society and the Santa Clara Fire Department.
The shopkeeper says we have run out of Teal but we do have Fuschia.
10-inch premium hanging (green) baskets, choice of double impatients, million bells, fuschia, lobelia, ivy geranium, wave petunia, verbena or bacopa, $15;
I'm extremely inspired by Pantone's choice of Radiant Orchid for the colour of the year, and think the Fuschia Giant Vase, with its vibrant variation on the shade, would add an amazing pop of colour to any room.