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Dark brownish-gray in color.

[From Latin fuscus.]
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(Colours) of a brownish-grey colour
[C17: from Latin fuscus dark, swarthy, tawny]
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(ˈfʌs kəs)

of brownish gray or dusky color.
[1655–65; < Latin fuscus; see -ous]
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Adj.1.fuscous - of something having a dusky brownish grey color
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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El pelaje dorsal es ligeramente corto (5.07.0 mm), los pelos son generalmente tricoloreados: la base es amplia y su coloracion va de "dusky brown" (color 19) a "fuscous" (color 21), y tambien "mars brown" (color 223A); la banda media es casi tan amplia como la segunda y va de "pale neutral" (color 86) a "cinnamon" (color 123B) y en algunos pocos individuos es "verona brown" (color 223D); y la punta es generalmente mas estrecha, que va de una coloracion de "army brown" (color 219B) a "vandyke brown" (color 121) y tambien "tawny" (color 38); cuando el pelo es ligeramente mas largo se presenta una banda mas basal que es de coloracion blanquecina.
tenuipennis are pale yellowish-greenish with a near vertical face, sparse minute fuscous speckles over much of the body, a pale stripe on the midline of the pronotum, short, filiform antennae, no stripe on the hind femur, and milky white spots separated by pale reddish spaces on the surface of the compound eye (Fig.
General color antimony yellow, becoming dull buckthorn brown on the abdomen, the shaft of the pronotum washed with ferruginous; limbs of the body color passing into weak and pale turtle green, the spines fuscous tipped; head with the occiput washed with dull mummy brown, eyes dresden brown.
Legs yellow to brown, hind coxa often fuscous. Flagellum sometimes clavate, usually with fewer segments 2
ambit imbrication aulic meretricious crapulous rubric factitious squamous fuscous tendentious Edited by DAVID L.
ETYMOLOGY: From Latin aquilus, meaning blackish, dark colored, referring to the generally fuscous coloration.
Wings 22 mm long, three times longer than wider, ferruginous, with apical half of forewing fuscous having a purple refection .Metasoma smooth and shiny.
Humphries' fondness for obscure words, such as lacunary, viscid and fuscous, is well indulged here, as is his outrageous, satirical sense of humour.
Humphries's fondness for obscure words, such as lacunary, viscid and fuscous, is well indulged here, as is his outrageous, satirical sense of humour.