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 (fyo͞o′zəl, -zīl′)
1. Capable of being fused; fusible.
2. Archaic Formed by melting or casting.

[Middle English, from Latin fūsilis, from fūsus, past participle of fundere, to melt; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfjuːzaɪl) or


1. (Chemistry) easily melted; fusible
2. (Metallurgy) formed by casting or melting; founded
[C14: from Latin fūsilis molten, from fundere to pour out, melt]
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The fusile a Repetition de 7.5mm Modele 1936 MAS (Manufacture d Armes de Saint-Etienne, for where it was designed) was singularly unprepossessing.
In conjunction, Jeff Fusile will lead the company's affiliated plan in Georgia, succeeding Kendrick.
In other part stood one who at the forge Labouring, two massy clods of iron and brass Had melted [...] [...] the liquid ore he drained Into fit moulds prepared; from which he formed First his own tools; then, what might else be wrought Fusile or graven in metal.