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The theory or practice of forming coalitions, especially of political groups or factions.

fu′sion·ist n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the favouring of coalitions among political groups
ˈfusionist n, adj
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(ˈfyu ʒəˌnɪz əm)

the principle, policy, or practice of fusion in politics.
fu′sion•ist, n., adj.
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the quality of having a coalition between certain political parties. — fusionist, n.
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In perspective, Bruce is acknowledged as a great fusionist of 60s soul and American rock and roll and his journey through 'Western Stars' vindicates the fact that he's been just as mightily inspired by the greatest white pop musicians.
The old "fusionist" conservative coalition of traditional, Burkean constitutionalists, libertarian free marketeers, militant anti-communists, and so-called moral majoritarians is in flux.
Citing Bonnin's involvement in efforts to suppress peyote use through legislation, Slotkin labeled her "a marginal fusionist"--that is, a member of a "subordinate group" who is "violently opposed" to Native customs (27, 121).
Within the modern conservative movement, however, the two languages tend to blur into a kind of fusionist Creole, leading opponents of entitlement programs to alternate between descriptions of decadence and "consumer sovereignty"-style rhetoric.
During the two-day meeting, medical workshops will also be held focusing on Cardiac/Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit (CCU- ICU) and CATCH techniques, Per Fusionist and Cardiac Nursing.
What emerged from that robust, protracted, and occasionally exasperating colloquy was the now-familiar "Buckley-style" fusionist conservatism.
Too often we have left ourselves open to MacLean's misinterpretation by appearing to side with those with power, including elements of the long-standing fusionist project of seeing libertarianism as part of "the right." The last decade or so has seen much more analysis of how classical liberal ideas can improve the lives of the least well off, for example in the attempts to blend Rawls and Hayek and the bleeding heart libertarian movement more broadly, or in the growth of work on race and gender and the ways that the state harms minority groups.
The policies pursued under the fusionist umbrella now have less sway.
Consul General's Residence in Karachi, Featured were two of Sindh's own, Sounds of Kolachi, led by the talented Ahsan Bari, and The Sketches, led by master fusionist Saif Samejo, says a US Consulate statement on Wednesday.
From the view of multiculturalism and globalization, Africans should be able to learn from others through a synthetic learning process and the fusionist approach of Japanese society.
Kabaservice attributed their waning power to the "disintegration of the centrifugal [sic] forces that held together parties and movements in the past." Ideological coalitions have fragmented, dominant figures of the past like Buckley have been replaced with niche writers, and the conservative movement has largely strayed from the "fusionist" model that once bound it together, he said.