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Any of a proposed category of celestial objects that undergo nuclear fusion in their cores at some point during their lifetimes, the least massive of which are about 13 times Jupiter's mass and sustain the fusion of deuterium atoms into heavier elements.

[Proposed by Gibor Basri (born 1951), American astrophysicist : fus(ion) + -or.]
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The fusor was a nuclear fusion device that directly injected high-temperature ions into a reaction chamber, thereby avoiding some complexity.
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Only those planemos that orbit a fusor would be considered planets.
In Virginia, someone has created a homemade nuclear fusor from such high-tech items as salad bowls and a half a pint of hydrogen isotope bought online.
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Basri has crafted the following definition based on what he terms a fusor (any object that undergoes fusion): "A planet is a spherical non-fusor born in orbit around a fusor.
The Farnsworth Fusor, which is based on a low pressure, high voltage direct current plasma apparatus, is currently used as a low-flux neutron source.