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adj. fus·ti·er, fus·ti·est
1. Smelling of mildew or decay; musty.
2. Old-fashioned; antique.

[Middle English, from Old French fust, piece of wood, wine cask, from Latin fūstis, stick, club, of unknown origin.]

fus′ti·ly adv.
fus′ti·ness n.
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I turn the pages as though they were stiffened vellum, and this carefulness is motivated not only by the rare books room, with its panopticon fustiness, but by the book's intensely made quality.
The balls danced and went, but the ritual of tradition-ordained performances went on, accumulating a layer of fustiness (not all the well-intentioned, lip-serving commissions from living composers actually proved worth the candle) which was difficult to dispel from the wider public's perception.
2), who continued to practise a classicism free from fustiness, or Powell and Moya, whose modernism combined wit and grace.
18)--that is, could ease eye strain--and then discussing the fashionable use (later a sign of pedantic fustiness) of green-lensed spectacles by many, including Samuel Pepys.
Then sweep or hoover up the powder, and watch the dirt and fustiness vanish too.
He jerked open the heavy, chipped wooden door, and we walked in to the peculiar fustiness of thousands of spilled beers and cigarette smoke that stained the walls until the knots in the pine were just faintly visible.
There''s an air of fustiness about this app, part nostalgia, part clunky development, which almost doesn''t matter because this is TV gold - a national treasure.
There is, in Kirk's diction and pace, a fustiness which in other writers might seem an affectation, but hey, who am I to complain about stylistic idiosyncrasies?
"For the first 300 pages, Her Fearful Symmetry has a quiet, almost academic elegance that is very charming in its fustiness. ...